Preserving LGBTQAI2S+ Experiences – Time Capsule

A cartoon person with two purple hair buns is showed from the waist up and is writing in a journal. The background of the image is lime green and to the right there is purple text reading "preserving LGBTQAI2S+ experiences, share your time capsule submission"

Right now, we are living through a major global health crisis that will undoubtedly change the world forever. Submitting stories, poems, art or anything else that sheds light on how everyday life is for queer people in 2021 who are living through a global pandemic is a way to continue to pass down queer history through generations.

What items are being accepted?

We are interested in hearing from LGBTQAI2S+ identifying folks of all ages, currently living in the Lower Mainland. Materials that are submitted should focus on individuals and daily life, over the the time period of March 2020 to March 2021

We encourage folks to submit both a written item and an image item (but you can submit just one if you would prefer). If you would like to submit a small object, please contact us with details on the size, materials used, and description of the object so that we can confirm its suitability.

VPS will store the time capsule with an anticipated reveal date of summer 2046 (25 years).

Folks are encouraged to submit their name, email and address along with their submission items.

Items submitted may be shared by VPS as part of future LGBTQAI2S+ archives/history displays, events, and with the City of Vancouver archives in the future.

Note that we are looking to capture a snapshot of what daily life is like right now, by hearing from individuals about their personal realities, routines, habits and activities. We are not taking submissions based on events, companies, organizations or other themes for this project.

Submission Examples

  • Submit a piece of writing, a journal entry, or poem you wrote during the past 12 months. (Suggested submission length: 1-2 pages)
  • Use the optional prompts to write a journal entry
  • Draw a floor plan of your home or neighbourhood, include elements that are significant to you with little explanations.
  • Draw a friend tree or family tree. To do this, draw yourself in the middle of the page, then draw branches to pictures of the people (and pets!) that you currently share your time with. This can include people that you connect with virtually.  Under each picture, tell us a little about the person or why they are important to you.
  • Take a photo of something you created (or are currently working on) during the pandemic and include a description on the back of the picture of what it is and why you are creating it
  • Take a photo at home with you and your family (if they live with you). Include a description on the back of the picture.
  • Take a photo or selfie using your current mode of transport when you go out.
  • Take a photo of you wearing your favourite every-day clothes.

How to Submit

Mail or drop off to 304-1080 Howe Street by March 31st 2021.

For digital submissions, email office@vancouverpride.ca, however handwritten and/or drawn submissions are highly encouraged.

For object submissions, or for paper submissions exceeding 9×11″ that can’t be folded, please contact us first to ensure we have space for your item.

Please contact us if you will be dropping off your submission in person by calling 604-687-0955 or emailing office@vancouverpride.ca

Why is this important? Why should you participate?

So much queer history has been erased and forgotten about due to violence and the silencing of queer voices. Things like the AIDS epidemic wiped out generations of queer ancestors, which has contributed to loss of history.

A lot can change in 25 years, and documenting how things are right now is crucial in preserving these important and significant times in history. Queer oppression has shown up in different ways throughout history, and documenting the changes and similarities is important in the process of understanding our collective past. Documenting feelings and experiences such as feeling isolated from community and chosen family, being isolated WITH family or people who are not supportive, and the lack of access to resources or community that we may have had pre-pandemic is important to keep track of. Queer history is political and resilient, and having first-hand perspectives of the challenges the community has faced throughout this time frame is crucial in passing down history throughout generations to come.


VPS can provide writing supplies, colouring pencils, and paper for those who request it. Note that due to COVID safety measures, you will need to collect (or have someone collect) the supplies from the VPS office and complete your submission at home. Please contact office@vancouverpride.ca for more information

Short voice recordings (MP3) and video files (MP4) will also be accepted. Submissions should be under 5 minutes in length and focus on an individual. The aim of this project is to create a snapshot of the individual’s daily life.

Questions: contact office@vancouverpride.ca

Useful Links

Journal Entry Prompts

Office Screening Questionnaire