2020 Holiday Gift Directory

In the lead up to the holiday season, we encourage you to consider supporting your local artisans, designers and small businesses directly with this helpful holiday list! The following businesses are offering no contact delivery and shipping options for all your gifting (or self gifting!) needs.

A chart showing the various symbols used on the page. Title: Legend. 1. A rainbow circle with the words "LGBTQAI2s+ owned, 2. A brown and black heart with the words "BIPOC owned", 3. Two hands holding a flower with the words "hand-made by seller", 4. The silouette of a beaver in pink reading" Made in canada", 5. a yellow parachute holding a box reading "no contact delivery".
A person wearing sunglasses and a black hoodie is standing in the crenter of the frame. They are in a tent thats walls are lined with colourful ravewear. The floor is a colourful patterned carpet. A disco ball and checkered flags hang above their head.




Cosmic festival apparel, custom screen prints and workshops right here in Chinatown!

Two hands are holding up a pink flower. The silhouette of a beaver, in pink. The Yellow outline of a parachute carrying a box.



A black and white image is being held against a white backdrop with clips. In the image, a person is laying down with their head in another persons lap, looking up at the stars. The other person is looking down into the first persons eyes and smiling.

Brandy mars designs


LGBTQ greeting cards, posters, cups, clothing, home decor and more, all made here in Vancouver! Check out the majestical mugs…

A circle with a thick light blue outer edge. After blue, the colours of the rainbow pattern the inside of the circle, ending with violet. Two hands are holding up a pink flower. The silhouette of a beaver, in pink. The Yellow outline of a parachute carrying a box.



A collage of images showing multiple uses for a large piece of fabric. The fabric has an image of a queer celebrity on it, and can be used as a skirt or blanket.

Carla mooking art


Scarves, prints and original artwork based on musical icons including Lady Gaga, Freddie Mercury, Prince and George Michael. All made locally in North Van and Burnaby BC!



A cartoon person is floating in the middle of the page. Only their head to stomach are visible and they have a black afro and are wearing a crop top. They are holding their stomach. The words "Chubby Fem Thrift" are written above in black letters.

Chubby Fem Thrift


Affordable online plus-size thrift store that accepts donations and offers shipping.



An artistic depiction of a person with purple hair and brown roots having their hand propped under their chin. They are wearing glasses a nd have four sets of eyes, all staring into the distance.



Fine art illustration prints with themes of life, death, and fat liberation.



A person is modeling three necklaces, and multiple rings. The jewelry is very fine and light looking.

Devi Arts Collective


Jewelry with an ethical conscious for the wandering soul, made in North Vancouver.



Two clack fans are on the left side of the image. One reads" Not today satan" and the other "Shade". A topless person is posing on the right while wearing yhree colourful pairs of underwear with "dirt squirrel" on the waitstband.

Dirt Squirrel Co.


Fun and cheeky LGBT+ apparel and accessories designed in Vancouver. Underwear, Shirts, Sweaters, Fans – Oh my!



A small round metal disc is sitting among a pile of leaves. The disc is white and has a black rainbow stamped into it. This is hanging from a chain as a dainty necklace.

Gems & More


One of a kind gemstone and stamped metal jewelry, knitted accessories and natural products all handmade in Surrey BC. Check out the magnetic pronoun pins!
A circle with a thick light blue outer edge. After blue, the colours of the rainbow pattern the inside of the circle, ending with violet. Two hands are holding up a pink flower. The silhouette of a beaver, in pink. The Yellow outline of a parachute carrying a box.



A fluffy white and brown puppy is sitting on grass. The puppy is looking into the camera and wearing a red and black plaid bandana.

Give your dog a bone


Stylish reversible bandana covers for your favourite pooch. Thread your dog’s collar through the top and you’re all set! Our VPS staff love these bandanas because not only do they look great, but they also stop collar rub.



Various sinister objects are sitting on a table in the frame. Candles, itmes decorated with full moons, knives and 5 pointed stars etc. The lighting is dark and spooky

GRRRL Spells


A horror and occult inspired queer, trans, and feminist apparel & art brand, combining riot grrrl attitude with goth aesthetics and the gay agenda. Whether you’re a witch in Sunnydale or a vampire in Austria, we’ve got just the right thing for all your spooky queer needs.

A circle with a thick light blue outer edge. After blue, the colours of the rainbow pattern the inside of the circle, ending with violet.A cartoon heart where half is brown, and half is black.






Cards, buttons, prints and zines with themes centering around solstice, Queer love & relationships, kink, affirmations, and uplifting QTBIPoC.



JQ is written in rainbow text in large font. The inside of the "Q" is shaped like a heart. The words "clothing EST. 2000" are underneath in purple letters. The background is white.

JQ Clothing Ltd


FunWare, ravewear, costumes, and burlesque supplies catering to all sizes, lifestyles and identities. This East Van gem is more than just a store, it’s family. Described as “a beacon of light where only good things happen,” JQ Clothing deserves a special mention from us at VPS. Not currently open for online sales, check them out in person at 2120 Commercial Drive.


Two people in suits are being photographed outside of a regal-looking building. The people are smiling and embracing as if they have just gotten married. Leaves are falling through the air.

Kaitlin Day Photography


This LGBTQ+ photographer specializes in capturing candid connections between couples and families including weddings and elopements. Discounted Holiday Gift Card sessions for 2020.



Multiple pieces of green soap with a yellow stripe on the top are sitting on a wooden table.

Karibu Handcrafted Soaps


Unique handmade soap bars using locally sourced, all natural ingredients. Each gentle and nourishing bar is passionately crafted in New Westminster.



Three rectangular bars of soap are placed on a white background. The soaps are striped and multicoloured.

Kitten Komforts


New Westminster-based artisan offering vegan bath bombs, bath salts and unscented LGBTQ+ themed soaps. $1 of each LGBTQ+ soap bar is donated to a local organization that serves the community for which the soap was made, including Asexual, Aromantic, Bi and of course, rainbow Pride colours.



Three pieces of jewelry are places on a marble countertop. The pieces are a necklace, earrings and a bracelet with the same red, blue and brown beaded design.

Larkidesigns jewelry


Locally made jewelry and accessories.




Little Sister’s 


The Gay Superstore-meets-Pop & Pop “family” business: Little Sisters is the gem of Davie neighbourhood. Flags, adult colouring books, Trans books, pride apparel, gift cards, toys galore – and so so much more. Check them out online and in person at 1238 Davie St.

A circle with a thick light blue outer edge. After blue, the colours of the rainbow pattern the inside of the circle, ending with violet. A cartoon heart where half is brown, and half is black. The Yellow outline of a parachute carrying a box.



A baby blue patch reading "Sapphic Society" is being held in front of some plants. The patch shows two hands holding eachother with three violet flowers surrounding them.

Lucky Little Queer


Soft art, accessories, and apparel with a hard edge. Lucky Little Queer is for babes who have something to say and want to show the world who they are.



A hand is holding two enamel pins. Both pins are circular and say "Bi, Not Curious". A hand with purple nail polish is in the center of the pin, with the middle finger up.

Monster Cliche


The devil’s baby of staying up late watching anime and stumbling upon some questionable content. Created by a part-time witch, full-time disabled non-binary queer, Monster Cliché can be summed up as blunt, anime inspired, intersectional realness.



A heart shaped pin is sitting in the middle of a red furry backdrop. The pink is white with silver holographic accents and reads "Trans Rights Are Human Rights".

Munea Wadud


Prints, patches, art, stickers and digital works made by a non-binary, queer person of colour. LGBTQ+ rights, pro-racial equality and pro-women’s equality designs. Check out the feminist vinyl sticker packs!



A person with short hair is standing shirtless on a beach. They are wearing various pieces of neon pink and yellow jewelry, which are hanging off their ears, wrist, neck, and fingers from thick silver chains. The neon pieces are shaped like triangles.



Galactic jewelry and cosmic love regalia connecting the wearer to nature and the cosmos. Made in Vancouver.



Various animals made out of felt are featured against a green backdrop. Most of the animals are birds, as there are multiple parrots, but there is also a killer whale and some dogs. Each animal has a string attached so it can be hung up as decoration.

Ogilvie Designs


Colourful hand-made cotton masks, apparel and felt decorations (dog breeds, cats, birds and more) all made right here in Kitsilano!



Black harnesses and baby pink undergarmenyts are laid out ona white surface. They are surrounded in florals.

Panther Daze Designs


This independent lingerie brand promotes body and sex positivity, self-love and healthy diverse conversations on sexuality! Offering handmade and fully adjustable harnesses, garters, and accessories for all genders.



A black sticker with a white equal sign in the center. Looking closely, the equal sign is made out of words such as "BIPOC, GAY, Asexual, etc. Faded in the background is the word "PHRSH"


PHRSH threads


A queer and skate folk oriented street wear brand❤️ Queer owned and operated!



Five printed black t-shirts are on a table. One has an image of a large robot on it, another has a bot with three eyes eating ice-cream, one shows Godzilla destroying a city with "LOL'' in a soeech bubble, one shows a burly man with a heart tattoo on his arm and the last one shows a lady in a white dress with her arms raised"



Queer t-shirts, tank tops, and hankies, silk-screened by hand in Vancouver.



A cartoon dog head is on a light pink background. The dos is snarling at something and baring its teeth.

puppyteeth studios


Hand silk-screened and 100% cotton shirts, accessories and prints made right here in Chinatown, Vancouver.



The words "Q Threadz" are written in black loopy font on w white background. At the end of the word, sits a rainbow spool of thread. The thread at the bottom of the spool is purple and is threaded through a long slack needle that underlines the words.

Q Threadz


Queer-owned sliding scale thrift shop offering an inclusive and sustainable way to buy, sell and donate clothing and gender affirming accessories. Donates a portion of profits back into queer organizations.



A person is smiling underneath a tent. They have varios plates of colourful, oval soap in front of the, that they appear to be selling at a market. The person has short, black hair and is wearing a colourful jacket.

Reward Your Skin – Soap Co.


Small batch plant-based soap with shea butter, hemp, olive and coconut oil, made right here in the West End!



The image is in black and white. A person with short hair and glasses is sitting at a table in front of a window. They are staring deeply into the camera.

Samonte Cruz Studios


Limited edition all gender amulets, jewelry, and Knuckle Tattoo collection featuring they/them and self-care designs by trans/gender non-binary, Filipinx artist. Custom work available.


A person with a short turquoise bob hairstley is looking off to their left. They are wearing baby pink sunglasses with heart shape eye frames. Hanging from each side of the frame are beads in a rainbow pattern, attached to a silver chain.

Glamorous glass bead eyeglass chains and mask chains. Portions of proceeds from specific collections are donated to charities that serve marginalized communities. Based in Squamish.



A person is modeling a pair of flowing blue pants designed with the outlines of white coy fish. They are standing in front of a white fence.

Siamurai Apparel


Japanese inspired design and street style fusion apparel with a modern twist.



The cartoon outline of a brain is floating in the center of a black background. The words "Sleepless Mindz" are featured around the brain in blue and purple cloud-like letters.

Sleepless Mindz


Bold, hand painted apparel using upcycled denim and designs that encourage our community to day dream. Created here in Burnaby!



Three small grey wolf heads that are made out of felt. They have grey fur, which is white around the black eyes and nose. They are sitting on a windowsill.

Spinster Felted Works


Small needle-felted treasures including pins, tiny plants and cat toys, all made right here in Vancouver. Check out the adorable tea cup mushrooms!

A circle with a thick light blue outer edge. After blue, the colours of the rainbow pattern the inside of the circle, ending with violet.



Three paintings are stacked so that the one behind is slightly poking out. They all have pink borders, and show a circle of fruits and flowers with vibrant colours.

Sticky Mangos


Beautifully designed berry life-cycle prints and commissioned paintings created by a queer, non-binary, trans, disabled, fat, and racialized individual.



A painting of a humanoid with long black hair and blue skin. The person is staring straight ahead with three eyes, and has their hand brushing their bangs to the side. They have ropes ties around their wrist and upper body like a harness. They are wearinf a red dress which is ripped, revealing one breast.

T Flohr Art


Surrealist illustrations celebrating the monstrous and magical act of loudly being yourself. Designs are available on a range of merchandise and accessories. All original designs are created in Ottawa.



A person with a short bob and bangs is sitting on some steps in front of a window. They are wearing a white, over the shoulder top and are holding a white backpack with a golden zipper and black accents. They are smiling and looking into the bag.

White Rhino Bags


100% vegan leather bags and accessories supporting animal welfare with every purchase. Unique gifts, ethically made.



A ceramic bust is laying against a pink furry backdrop. The bust is gold and shiny with dark nipples.

Witch vs Bitch


Who DOESN’T want a big busty body, hand sculpted from clay and topped off with a fancy flower or air plant?!



A book cover reading "Havoc and Happiness" in purple writing. The background of the cover is a pale blue-great with a set of mountains in the back, and the Vancouver city skyline in rainbow clours infront of it. The bottom of the page reads "Written by" Wren Handman" in black letters.


Wren Handman (author)


Havoc & Happiness is a young adult novel that dishes out fun, monster hunting, and queer high school drama.



Twenty enamel pins are featured against a blue background. The pins are designed like elements on the periodic table with a small number in the top left corner, 1-2 letters in the center and a symbol in the bottom right. Each pin is in the colours of a different queer flag with the middle letters representing the title of the flag (IE. Ga for the Pride flag, or As for the Asexual flag)

Yas Petit Poulet


Check out these ADORABLE Queer Chemistry enamel pins, inspired by the chemical elements of the Mendeleev Periodic Table.



If you are a Canadian-based artist or small business and would like to be included on this page, please connect with us at office@vancouverpride.ca.

Priority will be given to businesses owned by local, LGBTQAI2S (lesbian, gay, trans, queer, asexual/aromantic, intersex, two-spirit), BIPOC (black and/or indigenous persons of colour), and artisans.