Setting The Record

Vancouver Pride met with the Vancouver Police Department on September 21st to discuss the decision reached by the board on September 19th: That police were welcome to march in the 2018 parade, just not in uniform.

That meeting was attended by three VPS representatives, including Executive Director Andrea Arnot and Co-Chair Michelle Fortin.

Three representatives from the VPD were also present, including Superintendent Marcie Flamand and LGBT liaison Officer Dale Quiring. We were told the development would be communicated back to the rest of their team.

On this same day, the VPS contacted the Mayor’s office to let them know the decision reached.

The decision for officers not to march in uniforms is not a large departure from what we saw in last year’s parade. Then, just 20% of the VPD contingent was in uniform.

Police officers in tshirts are absolutely welcome to march in the parade, as they did last year.

It is unfortunate if members of the VPD were taken by surprise by the decision due to a communication breakdown within their organization. We took every step to ensure they learned of the decision from us, and were given the impression that the decision was understood.