QTBIPOC Consultation

We Want Your Feedback

VPS is launching a QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) consultation in an ongoing effort to reduce barriers, create more welcoming events, and support community initiatives.

We are gathering information from QTBIPOC community members about volunteering or applying for jobs with VPS, and attending our events as participants, spectators, vendors and performers. We care about your feedback – the results of this consultation, along with information gathered from our 2016-2017 consultations, will directly influence long-term event planning, including the future development of QTBIPOC spaces at VPS events and an assessment of our practices and policies.

You can submit your feedback through a variety of venues. Please fill out our Consultation Sign-Up form to be notified about upcoming opportunities:

Through an anonymous online survey

At in-person community consultations (dates to be announced – get notifications by signing up through our Consultation Sign-Up form

At a private meeting, through e-mail or over the phone with our QPOC staff member who is leading the consultation – please fill out our Consultation Sign-Up form

If you are a community organization serving QTBIPOC community members we can organize a time to come to your upcoming group meetings/drop-in and collect feedback from your members. Please fill out our Consultation Sign-Up form and we will contact you to set up a time.

Expanded Community Partnerships Role
More Resources For QTBIPOC Communities
Our Community Partnerships Program is an important part of ensuring LGBTQAI2+ community organizations are supported by VPS. Through our Community Partnerships Program, we waive fees to be at our events, provide free equipment, and promote the work our partners are doing.

We know that we can not be everything for everyone, and that there are many organizations creating events for members of our communities who do not feel comfortable at Pride events; in recognition of this, we provide financial and in-kind support to community events so that more people have access to celebratory events.

We have expanded the role of our Community Partnerships Coordinator and are dedicating more resources to this position. This permanent staff position is now also dedicated to enhancing QTBIPOC experiences at Pride. Our new Community Partnerships Coordinator will be taking the lead in our consultation process and working with the staff and board at VPS to implement recommendations.