Gender-Inclusive Menstrual Health Conference Comes To UBC

Gender-inclusivity in menstruation health is a rising topic among social issues. Traditionally, health services that support menstruation issues have been geared toward women only. The evolution of our understanding of gender challenges that mentality. Today’s literature about the fluidity of gender questions menstruation differently : how do people who do not identify as women get the same menstrual care when they are not recognized in the healthcare system? If society does not provide inclusive menstruation healthcare, it is endangering a group of people who do not fit in the hyper-feminization of menstruation healthcare.

“It’s important that we think about all the facts of menstrual health (from how we talk about menstruation, to the products available, to the research being done on menstruation and related health-issues,” writes A.J. Lowik, an advocate for gender-inclusive menstruation care. As the workshop facilitator of Gender Inclusivity in Menstruation Health of PERIOD Huddle, A.J. helps us rethink how, “these could be more inclusive of people of all genders, including trans and non-binary people.”

Through their innovate workshop at PERIOD Huddle 2018, A.J. will take part in PERIOD’s first social menstruation health conference held in Vancouver, Canada on November 3, 2018. PERIOD is a youth-run non-profit organization focused on advocacy, education, and service for people who face barriers to accessing safe menstruation care. We hope to see you at the conference where we will work with you toward accessible menstruation care for all menstruators!

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