Five Spooky Queer Books To Read This Halloween

Fist Of The Spider Woman : Queer Fear and Desire

Edited By Amber Dawn

This anthology edited by local author Amber Dawn ranges from the truly terrifying to more funny than actually scary. As the subtitle indicates, there’s also plenty of sexiness to balance out the terror; some stories could definitely be considered erotica. Pieces include a story that will make you rethink that childhood sleepover game Bloody Mary, erotica about a kinky lesbian ghost in a gentrifying neighbourhood, a story featuring a giant slug, and more! The book features fiction and poetry, and includes work by a diverse group of writers including Michelle Tea, Megan Milks, Elizabeth Bachinksy, Suki Lee, Nomy Lamm, and Aurelia T. Evans, to name only a few!


The Gilda Stories

Jewelle Gomez

This black queer vampire novel is a well-deserved classic. Starting in 1850s American slavery era and moving into a post-apocalyptic 2050, it’s probably very different from any other vampire book you’ve ever read. Gomez brings back some of the forgotten vampire lore, like vampires having to carry around soil of their homeland, and also investigates vampires as a kind of living history. While Gilda travels the US and watches things both change and stay the same for black women through the decades, her most enduring relationship is with another queer vampire of colour, a Lakota woman named Bird.


The Diviners

By Libba Bray

This young adult novel ticks quite a few genre boxes – horror, historical fiction, and urban fantasy – all while delivering an incredible cast of diverse characters. Set in New York City in the 1920s, enter the world of flappers, prohibition, and the paranormal. Evie O’Neill has moved to New York City to live with her uncle, the proprietor of The Museum of American Folklore, Superstition, and the Occult – or The Museum of the Creepy Crawlies. She has a secret – a power she doesn’t understand – and with the string of violent deaths plaguing the city, she realizes that her unique gift may help to catch the killer. Bray’s atmospheric and terrifying novel will make your hair stand on end, but you won’t be able to put it down! Featuring a gay main character and, later on, an asexual character.


Blood Price

By Tanya Huff

Blood Price is the first of Tanya Huff’s series of novels starring Vicki Nelson, a determined ex-cop turned private investigator who teams up with Henry Fitzroy (a vampire who writes romance novels for a living) to solve supernatural murders in Toronto. If you’re not hooked already, you might want to know that throughout Blood Price, Vicki navigates and confronts bodily autonomy in her experiences with both vision impairment and relationships. Also, Henry is bisexual. Attraction and agency are explored within the novel’s spooky supernatural setting; and the relationships between Huff’s characters are complex, yet non-judgmental. Check out Blood Price for some hot bloodsucking and zero slut-shaming action!


Queer Fear II

Edited And Introduced By Michael Rowe

Queer Fear II, a Lambda Literary award winning anthology of horror with contributions from the likes of Scott Treleaven, Gemma Files, and Steve Duffy. The perfect book to put a tingle in your spine, it is deliciously dark, but skews a bit more towards fantasy than strictly horror as one might expect. It has plenty of creepy stories to get you into the Halloween mood. Obsessive anxieties and dark desires of distinctly queer designs, Queer Fear II is an anthology that encompasses a broad definition of horror, from the absurd to disturbingly erotic, from nightmarish reality to classically supernatural.

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