Community Consultations Report

The VPS has been engaged in an ongoing consultation process with community members since Summer 2016. The information in this document is a brief summary taken of feedback themes and the strategies VPS is utilizing in response. The full sixteen page report is available here. Feedback was collated from numerous phone calls and e-mails to our office, anonymous online surveys, monitored social media discussion, four community consultations with diverse groups, and multiple one-on-one meetings with community members. 

Consultation participants come from diverse age, ethnic, gender, faith, immigration status, sexual orientation, and ability groups from across the GVRD. VPS has intentionally centered the experiences of those who have been marginalized at VPS events or who experience access barriers as opposed to those with privilege.

Community consultation and alterations to our events to meet the needs of the community will continue to take place throughout Pride 2017 and beyond as we realize these are not issues that will be resolved through one-time fixes.