Be You. Bring ALL Of You.

Be You.

Bring ALL of you.

Sexual orientation. Gender identity. Religion. Ethnicity. Race. Age. Heritage. Ability. Class background. Immigration status. We all come with complex histories and backgrounds, yet in so many spaces we feel pressured to compartmentalize our identities. When do we get the chance to bring all of ourselves to the table?

This year, as Vancouver Pride Society celebrates our 40th Anniversary, our board and staff have reflected on the monumental societal changes that have occured over our lifetimes. From Bill C-150 to We Demand, from Little Sisters vs Canada to the Pinetree GSA, we are the recipients of a legacy which strove to carve out a space for us, not to assimilate, but to be ourselves. As we celebrate this milestone, we honour the elders whose activism afforded us the ability to have these conversations today; and we look to the youth who are making groundbreaking strides in creating a culture in which we can openly embrace our every part of our identities.

During Pride 2018, we invite you to be you. Bring ALL of you. #BeYouVancouver