2019 Pride Parade And Festivals Wait-Listing

2019 Pride Parade Wait-listing

Wow! We are blown away by the excitement for the 2019 Pride Parade. We have reached capacity for the 2019 Parade and are wait-listing applications. The Pride Parade generally reaches capacity between April and May; this year we sold out in the beginning of January.

While the number varies depending on the size and length of entries, the Pride Parade averages around 140 entries every year and is three hours long. We need to limit the length of our Parade both to ensure we follow the terms of our City of Vancouver permit, and to make sure our spectators are not in the sun for hours on end – it turns out there is such a thing as too much of a good thing!

Who gets to march?

Did you know that we rate each parade application using a matrix? Each potential entry is asked a series of questions which examines their official policies, as well as their support of LGBTQAI2s+ employees and broader queer and trans communities. We want to know that our participants are “walking the walk” the other 364 days of the year.

All applications are reviewed and graded by our Parade Working Group, a volunteer committee comprised of dedicated community members who meet once a month from September-July. Priority is given to queer and queer-serving organizations, followed by those whose values most strongly align with our own. Each year, a number of spaces are held for small LGBTQAI2S+ organizations who may not be able to apply earlier in the year. This helps to lower barriers for LGBTQAI2S+ groups who may not have the capacity to apply earlier in the year.

Other Festivals

East Side Pride is currently sold out. Sunset Beach is sold out for food vendors. All other events are near capacity and space is not guaranteed.

Oh no! We didn’t get our application in on time!

We are currently adding all new applicants onto our wait-list. You are still welcome to apply – each year we have a few parade participants drop out which opens up space for those on the wait-list. Please ensure your application is fully filled out with every question answered in depth to prevent processing delays. You can apply to be on the wait-list on our website.

We are thrilled by this unprecedented enthusiasm to participate in Pride. Thank-you for your continued support.