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Parade Entries

Thank-you for your interest in our Parade and Festivals.

Due to COVID-19, Vancouver Pride is going to look a little different in 2020.

Pride is more than a parade or a festival -it is a feeling, not a physical space- which is why Pride can not be cancelled, only re-imagined. Connection is more important than ever this year. Isolation and insecurity have created terrible hardship for members of our communities. This is why we are proud to announce a digital line-up of events which enable us to come together and celebrate while paying marginalized artists, performers and suppliers for their work. This includes the creation of a fully virtual Pride Parade in partnership with DailyHive!

A miniature Pride Parade float made out of Plasticine is shown with a miniature Dr. Bonnie Henry standing at a podum on top of the car. The vehicle has a heart on front, a rainbow flag draped over the side, and a banner staying "Dr. Henry" on the front.
Vancouver Pride Scavenger Hunt Entry : Create a miniature Pride Parade Float. Entry by the Bonnie Henry Fan Club.

Apply to Virtual Pride

The 2020 Vancouver Virtual Pride Parade will feature a combination of photo and video submissions sent in by participating organizations. A Live Stream will be held on August 2, 2020 featuring an hour-long, professional live stream event edited by DailyHive. With live hosts and activities planned throughout to keep audiences engaged, the Vancouver Virtual Pride Parade followed by a virtual Sunset Beach Main Stage Show will feature the high quality entertainment you have come to expect from our festival.

A number of cardboard cutouts of people. The cutouts are placed on stickers that depict the bi flag and bicycles and the word "Bi-Cyclists." The people are holding signs with slogans like "Cycling through attraction to all genders"
Vancouver Pride Scavenger Hunt Entry: Create a miniature Pride Parade Float. Entry by The Bi-Cyclists.

Each organization has three options to participate:

  • Send in a video message which conveys a message of PRIDE
    • Video of a past Vancouver Pride Parade Entry
    • Video of your organization attending Vancouver Pride
    • Video message from members of your organization
    • Video montage with photos and video clips
  • Submit a photo that conveys a message of PRIDE
    • Photo from a past Vancouver Pride Parade Entry
    • Photo of your organization celebrating Pride
    • Message from your organization with text or edited images
    • Photo collage including all examples above
  • Create a miniature float and film it
    • Matchbox car decorated as your organizations float
    • Lego parade entry
    • Clay entry
    • Shoe box entry
    • Graphic design/photoshopped entry/drawing
    • Real vehicle decorated for Pride

To ask questions or apply, please e-mail office@vancouverpride.ca

A miniature Pride Parade containing rainbow coloured play dough superheros. The float is made out of a matchbox and reads scAVENGERS ENDG AME on the side. The super heroes are holding glittery weapons. An audience of lego figures watches.
Vancouver Pride Scavenger Hunt Entry : Create a miniature Pride Parade Float. Entry by Team scAVENGERS End Game.