Festival & Parade

Food Vendor Application

Details about the 2021 event season are coming soon…

Two adults and two children line up in front of a booth selling ice cream at the 2019 Picnic in the Park. Staff are helping the customers and serving ice cream.

Picnic in the Park, 2019. Photo by Rina Yngson.


As a non-profit, VPS relies on the support of businesses and community organizations in order to deliver free, accessible events to LGBTQAI2S+ communities year round. VPS greatly appreciates this support and hopes that those organizations with the financial ability to do so may choose to continue financially supporting our organization through this challenging year. For those also impacted by Covid-19 who are requesting a refund, the information is below. Membership fees are non refundable and fees will not be deferred to a future year. Thank you in advance for your patience, our team is currently working out of office with limited access to office equipment. Refunds will occur on a rolling basis between June 15, 2020 and August 31, 2020.

Refundable Items

  1. East Side Pride exhibitor booth fee and equipment rental fee;
  2. Picnic in the Park exhibitor booth fee and equipment rental fee;
  3. Pride Premiere exhibitor booth fee and equipment rental fee;
  4. Sunset Beach Festival exhibitor booth fee and equipment rental fee;
  5. Parade entry fee.

Timeline of Refunds

  1. VPS will refund organizations upon written request through the following form;
  2. Refund requests must be received by June 15, 2020;
  3. Refunds will be processed in batches each month and according to when the organization paid their fee;
  4. Refunds will be processed between June 15, 2020 and August 31, 2020;
  5. Refunds will be processed the same way payment was received, by credit card or cheque.

Information Needed for Refunds

  1. Complete the form with the following information;
  2. The organization or individual’s name that matches the original application;
  3. The contact person, email and phone number for the organization;
  4. Items you wish to receive a refund for, see section 1;
  5. If you wish to donate your full or partial fee;
  6. If the refund is to occur by credit card, you will be contacted by phone to provide the credit card information, unless it has already been provided in writing on your application.