Festival & Parade



Reservations for the Accessibility Viewing Zones are now full, and all remaining seats are first come first served.

Transportation: An accessibility shuttle will bring folks to the Sunset Beach festival from Waterfront station and back at the times below:

Accessibility Shuttle to Sunset Beach Park
Depart Waterfront Station – 9:40am Arrive Sunset Beach Park – 9:50am
Depart Waterfront Station – 10:25am Arrive Sunset Beach Park – 10:35am
Depart Waterfront Station – 11:10am Arrive Sunset Beach Park – 11:20am
Accessibility Shuttle to Waterfront Station
Depart Sunset Beach Park – 4:00pm Arrive Waterfront Station – 4:15pm
Depart Sunset Beach Park – 5:00pm Arrive Waterfront Station – 5:15pm
Depart Sunset Beach Park – 6:00pm Arrive Waterfront Station – 6:15pm

The shuttle is free and available for all folks though people with accessibility needs will be given priority. The shuttle is first-come, first served.

Shuttle stop at Waterfront will be just outside the front door on Cordova Street. A VPS representative in a pink shirt will be waiting outside. The Shuttle stop at Sunset Beach Festival will be at the corner of Bute and Pacific street.

Parking: Limited accessible parking spaces will be available at the Festival by reservation at the form at the bottom of this section. Note that if you are confirmed for a parking space a VPS staff person will reach out to you. Plan your route in advance, see road closure page.

Water: There will be two free water stations at the Sunset Beach festival. One will be available in the Jervis loop by the Accessible viewing zone at Beach and Broughton, and another near the 19+ zone in the Sunset Beach Parking lot. Water will be available for sale at all of the food trucks and in the 19+ zone.

Covid protocol: Masks are mandatory in the accessible viewing zones at the Sunset Beach festival. Masks will be strongly encouraged everywhere else in the festival. For anyone who needs them, masks can be provided at the VPS info tent and HQ tent. please respect everyone’s personal space and social distance when possible. 

Washrooms: Accessible portapotties can be found in the below locations:

  • 2 in Parade viewing zone
  • 2 by the community zone stage
  • 1 in Sunset viewing zone
  • 1 by first aid tent
  • 1 by main stage
  • 1 in beer garden

Many more generic portapotties will be available throughout the event site.

Terrain: This event is mostly held on grass. Some vendors will be situated inside the Jervis loop parking lot  which are accessible using mobility devices. The grass in the park is uneven but should be fairly flat due to the heat. We will place cones or other marking devices to indicate any large uneven surfaces or tripping hazards.

Sensory: Event music will be loud. There will be large crowds and bright sunshine. Limited flashing lights on stage. Canucks Autism Network will be on-site behind the Accessible Parade Viewing zone at Beach and Broughton providing stim toys, sensory activities, earplugs and sound cancelling headphones. The North Shore Disability Resource Center will be on site with their Low Sensory van in the Jervis loop parking lot for anyone who needs quite time away from overstimulation. 

Seating: There are three accessible stage viewing zones at the festival. One each in the 19+ zone and Community Zone which includes limited seating (folding chairs). The main stage Accessible viewing zone will be on a riser with seating (armless folding chairs and chairs with arms) and will have a ramp with railings leading up to it.

FA: there are 2 first aid station at the Festival — one is near the parade accessible viewing zone at Beach and Broughton, and one is between the main stage and the stoli stage. Both are on grass but near a cement pathways. 

Harm Reduction: Good Night Out and Karmik volunteers will be roving on site. They will be stationed at the Oasis tent behind the Beach and Broughton Parade Accessible viewing zone.They will be bringing safer sex materials, Narcan, water/snacks etc.. Sharps container available at the HQ tent. Drug testing will be available at Health Initiative for Men at 1033 Davie Street from July 29-31 from 6:00pm-8:00pm.

Food: Many food options are available with different options for dietary restrictions.

Shade: All accessible viewing zones will be shaded. the low sensory tent is another place to cool down. Shae tents and umbrellas will be situated around the stages.

ASL: there will be asl at all three accessible viewing zone stages (Main Stage, Community Stage & Beer Garden stage)

Audio Descriptions: Vocaleye will be providing parade descriptions at the Parade viewing zone at Beach and Broughton, but not the sunset beach festival. To sign up to receive Audio Description equipment, sign up HERE.   (form below)


Accessible viewing zone: Each stage will have a shaded accessible viewing zone on the grass near a paved pathway (working on finding material to cover grass to make things more mobility aid friendly) with seating. the community stage and the stoli stage will be under a tent with loose chairs (armless chairs and armchairs). 

Pride Parade

Transportation: see shuttle info in Sunset Beach Festival section.

Parking: Various Parking lots around the Parade route. The Parade runs along Robson Street, Denman Street, and Beach Avenue. See road closures page and use Parkopedia to plan out your route in advance of the event.

Water: Attendees are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to this event. Water refills will be available:

  • A limited amount at the Accessibility Areas for folks who are using those spaces
  • 945 Denman Street
  • Jervis Loop at Beach and Broughton

Covid protocol: masks mandatory while seated in Accessible Paardec viewing zones. Masks are strongly encouraged everywhere else along the Parade Route.

Washrooms: There are public washrooms around the Parade Route at local businesses. 

  • Robson Public Market at 1600 Robson Street, 
  • West End Community Center at 870 Denman Street until 1:00pm, 
  • Denman place Mall at 1030 Denman St. 
  • Robson/Nicola Accessibility viewing zone, 
  • Beach/Broughton Community zone and at the end of the Parade route at Pacific and Jervis. 

Terrain: attendees will view from the sidewalk — the sidewalk is relatively flat and obstructions will be marked in hi-vis tape/chalk or covered with cones near Accessible viewing areas.

Sensory: The event will be loud with lots of people and crowds. We will have a low sensory zone behind the Parade accessible viewing zone at Beach and Broughton. It will be hot and bright. Some vehicles may flash their lights and honk their horns but we are asking entries to keep this to a minimum. We are asking that any firetrucks, ambulances, etc. do not use sirens near accessibility viewing zones.

Seating: Three accessible Parade viewing areas with seating are available along the Parade Route. 

  • Robson and Nicola, which includes shade tents and limited seating (folding chairs). 
  • West End Community Center at Denman and Comox and will include shade and folding chairs. 
  • Beach and Broughton will have shade, bleachers, folding chairs and limited chairs with arms. See map below for a visual of the accessible viewing zones along the Parade route, signified with a white stick figure inside a blue circle.

First Aid: Three first aid stations along the Parade route, near the accessible viewing zones, as well as roving first aid attendants and paramedics. In a first aid emergency look out for our staff and volunteers in Bright pink t-shirts who can call for a first aid attendant, or call 9-1-1.

Harm Reduction: Good Night Out and Karmik will be roving at the Sunset Beach Festival near the Beach and Broughton accessible viewing zone.

Food: Multiple local businesses along the Parade route with a variety of food choices.

Shade: Tents available at all three accessible viewing zones

ASL: ASL interpretation will be available at the Accessible viewing zone at Beach and Broughton.

Audio Descriptions: Live audio Descriptions will be provided by VocalEye at the Accessible viewing zone at Beach and Broughton.   



Image Description:

A map of the parade route. The header reads, “2022 Vancouver Pride Parade.” Below that reads, “Sunday July 31st, 12PM.” There is a paragraph that reads, “The Parade will be hot, hot, hot in more ways than one! Be prepared to guard yourself against the sun with sunscreen, a hat and plenty of water. Bring your loose change and watch for the Toonie Brigade as they move down the Parade route collecting Toonies for the Vancouver Pride Society. Help keep Pride free by donating your spare change!”⁠


The Parade Route starts on Robson Street and Jervis Street, turns left on Denman Street, and left again on Beach Avenue— all the way to the Sunset Beach Festival site. The route finishes just before Beach Avenue and Jervis Street.⁠

The Staging Area (No Access) is on Robson Street from Jervis Street to Burrard Street, Thurlow Street from West Georgia Street to Nelson Street, and on Alberni Street from Bute Street to Burrard Street. The Dispersal Zone at the end of the parade is located on Jervis and Denman, stretching out until Denman and Thurlow.⁠

Fire Lanes are located on Robson & Nicola, Denman and Nelson, and Beach and Nicola. ⁠

Volunteer Stations are located at Thurlow & Alberni, Robson & Broughton, Denman & Nelson, Beach & Bidwell and Beach & Jervis.⁠

First Aid Stations are located on Thurlow & Alberni, Denman & Nelson, Beach & Bidwell, Beach & Broughton.

Accessibility areas are located at Robson & Nicola, Denman & Barclay (West End Community Center), and Beach & Broughton.⁠

MC Stations are located at Denman & Robson, Denman & Nelson (Denman Place Mall), Denman & Beach (Craft Beer Market), Beach & Bidwell, and Beach & Broughton.]

Need help?

To ask a question or get in touch about accessibility contact us at Accessibility@VancouverPride.ca

Last updated on July 18, 2022