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Virago Nation x Vizzy Forest Lounge

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July 30, 2022 @ 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm

July 30, 6:30PM, Davie Village – 1100 Bute Street (Across from Jim Deva Plaza)

Celebrate the fabulous feeling of Indigenous queer joy with Virago Nation and their stage cuzzinz. Experience the liberation of de-colonial pride that embraces the multifaceted gender and sexuality through live burlesque and drag performances.

Indulge in your favourite beverage at the Vizzy Forest Lounge in Davie Village! Be at the heart of all things queer, and surround yourself with the community. Enjoy lounge-style entertainment featuring your favourite local drag performers and musicians.

Transportation: Venue is accessible by transit

Parking: There is pay parking on the street near the venue
Water: $1 water or free if needed is available. Tap water is also available.
Covid Protocol: All events are masks strongly encouraged. Masks and sanitizer are available upon entry. 
Washrooms: All spaces have an accessible portable washroom.
Terrain: Vizzy Forest Lounge is flat cement terrain with no stairs.

Sensory: Earplugs available at all events. Flashing lights may occur.  

Financial Barriers: No one turned away for lack of funds. There are both cash and card options for payment. 
Seating: All events have disability priority seating, and a variety of seating options including armless folding chairs, bistro chairs with arms, and picnic tables. 
First Aid: There will be first aid kits on site. 
Harm Reduction: Staff has been trained in naloxone and will be carrying it with them. 
Food: Vizzy Forest Lounge has light refreshments and there are nearby restaurants. 
Shade: The area is a mix of uncovered and shaded.
Accessible Viewing Zone: This zone includes priority seating and masks mandatory.

Virago Nation

We are a collective of Indigenous artists creating performance through burlesque, theatre, song and spoken word as well as workshops, and community networks rematriating Indigenous sexuality.

Founded in May 2016, Virago Nation is on a mission to reclaim Indigenous sexuality from the toxic effects of colonization. Through humour, seduction, pop culture and politics they will show that Indigenous women will not be confined to the colonial virgin-whore dichotomy but will design a new dynamic and multi-faceted sexual identity rooted in their own desires. 

This is our reconciliation.

Group photo of Virago Nation

In 2016, a group of Indigenous burlesque performers found community within their shared identity in an artistic medium saturated in colonial idealisms of sexuality and performance. Since then, these performers have carved a new narrative in the world of burlesque while demonstrating that Indigenous women, femmes, non-binary and two-spirit folk can and should be empowered within their own sexuality without shame. That their bodies are sacred and can be honored without the boundaries of modesty. That patriarchal ideologies do not dictate who can or cannot be empowered in their own sexual identity. That heteronormativity is inherently colonial and that queerness is a gift that should be celebrated! Using storytelling, comedy, pop culture, movement, and striptease, Virago Nation continues to show that Indigenous sexuality is multi-faceted, dynamic, powerful, and most importantly, an experience that is deeply personal.

Monday standing in front of blue background and white light

Monday has been a professional burlesque performer since 2011, and after cultivating her life experiences, traditional teachings and coaching education, she’s quite a force to be reckoned with. Her most recent endeavors include being an avid entrepreneur and founding her jewelry line @mondaymayjewelry. Monday strives to exist without limits and take up space. She hopes to encourage those who have experienced marginalization to feel just as empowered.

Ruthe Ordare (she/her) is the hips, thighs and bedroom eyes of Vancouver burlesque. She is a founding member of the all-Indigenous burlesque troupe Virago Nation and recently finished her fifth and final year as the Artistic Director for the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. Her signature style infuses the pulse of classic burlesque with a neo twist; weaving comedy, politics, sex and sass into a feast for the senses.
From pointe shoes to pasties, Ruthe started dancing at a young age taking ballet, jazz, tap and anything else she could talk her parents into. She has been a dance instructor for over 20 years and has choreographed multiple full length musicals while attending the University of British Columbia.
Ruthe discovered burlesque in 2011 and was instantly hooked! The freedom to create acts from the early sparks of inspiration all the way to the stage continues to feed her artist heart. She is the winner of Best Solo from the 2014 Texas Burlesque Festival and has been featured at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender in 2013, 2015 and 2017. She has been a feature performer for the Ohio Burlesque Festival in 2017 and was invited to headline the Isle of Tease Burlesque Festival (Victoria, BC) in 2019.

The name is Mx. Bukuru. That’s B-U-K-U-R-U and if you don’t know what it means honey, look it up. Mx. Is the church being your momma never wanted you to meet. They are the inaugural winner of Van Slam’s Drag Slam (2019) and runner up in the Eastside Drag Derby (2019). A member of ENBY 6 and Diasporic Dynasty, Mx. ascends colonial ideas of religion and will bring you to the sexiest church that ever did exist. They recently made their debut at Vancouver International Burlesque festival and can be found hosting all kinds of events around town.

Abb ‘Original is a drag from the prairies in the city living the queen fantasy. Drag fell into the lap of this queen during the pandemic and has helped art take over life. I’m your mean 2 Spirit Auntie here to show you indigenous art is diverse asf.

Manda holding black feather fan

Manda Stroyer (she/they) are a Sioux-per nova indigibabe artist from Vancouver. They’ve been bringing their sunshine sweet energy to burlesque stages since 2011. They’ve performed all over the city but now primarily perform with Turtle Island’s first all indigenous troupe Virago Nation. In addition to burlesque, Manda is also a part time mermaid, part time nurse and full time momma of 2 who believes fiercely in breaking toxic stereotypes surrounding sexuality for future generations.

RainbowGlitz is Vancouver’s very own love medicine and resident rainbow slut. This Haida, Squamish, Musqueam and Black artist started her burlesque journey in 2013. She loves to mix pussycat doll hip hop with a nerdy and exotic(stripper) twist. Is a founding member of Virago Nation. She always beat to the creator. She is ready to heal you with her colorful slutty medicine.

Mover, Shaker, Mischief maker – Shane Sable is the Furiously Flirtatious Force of Nature. As the Soapberry of Burlesque, Shane’s frothiness may be a bit bitter for some colonial taste buds. Coming from the Gitxsan Nation with Scottish and Russian heritage, Shane hustles for community day and night as an artist, educator, facilitator, storyteller, cultural wellness worker and Convening Member of Virago Nation.

Xanax is the CEO/ mogul of Vancouver and all round icon in this city, with many shows across the down town core and across bridge she is booked and busy! While supporting the disenfranchised communities by raising thousands of dollars for various local charities her main focus in drag is supporting the poc/ trans/ queer peoples of Vancouver. With power house performances she brings emotion and energy to the stage to make your jaw drop to the floor. Let’s find out why everyone loves a little bit of Xanax in their mouth.