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Vancouver Pride Global Wellness Hub

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June 12, 2022
11:00 am - 4:30 pm
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Milton Wong Plaza
1650 Manitoba
Vancouver, BC V5Y 0B8
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June 12, 2022 @ 11:00 am - 4:30 pm

Vancouver Pride Wellness Hub

June 6—10, 12, 2022, 8 PM,  121 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 0K1

Global Wellness Day falls during Pride month! As we begin this Pride season we want to remind everyone that wellness, fitness, and health belongs to all queer folks! CMMN GRND Fitness and Social Wellness Collective have curated a selection of wellness and fitness classes from June 6th to 10th. Each 8 pm evening class will be reserved for a specific subculture within the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

We know that carving out queer-specific spaces within fitness and wellness is a pivotal part of collective healing from trauma and fear. As well as an important community-building component for all queer people. Please note: we recognize the vast intersections that exist within all queer identities and know we are unable to represent everyone in the programming that we currently have to offer. Our goal is to create brave spaces for queer folks to connect with their bodies. We respectfully ask that you only register for classes that you identify with.

For all Queer Identified Folks

Run time: 60 mins 

Instructor: Val Poynter (they/them) 

Class Description: A cardio and strength class set to an extra queer playlist. Deeply tap into the beat of vivacious music curated for a practice that awakens the full body. Befriend yourself through mindful stability, conditioning, and strength training all to the beat of the music. Set your intention and leave the fun and energy up to us. Be in community with your fellow queer fitness fanatics.

This class is reserved  for any and all folks who identify within the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Care Team Representation: Dylan Archambault (he/him)

For All Trans, GNC, Enby, Gender-Fluid, and A-Gender Folks

Run time: 60 mins (8pm- 9pm) 

Instructor: Chandler Rose (they/he) 

Class Description: A strength and conditioning class for those who exist beyond the binary. This event is  created by and intended for folks who identify as Transgender, Gender-fluid, Gender-nonconforming,  Agendered, and Non-binary. 

Care Team Representation: Val Poynter (they/them) and Harley Shank (they/them) 

For All Queer Black, Indigenous and People of Colour

Run time: 60 mins. (8pm- 9pm) 

Instructor: Sashah Rahemtulla

Instructor IG: TBD @bipoc_yoga 

Class Description: Vancouver Pride Society is collaborating with  CMMN GRND and the BIPoC yoga community to bring an evening of guided movement. The intention of this event is to provide a welcoming space to move, heal, rest, and be in community for those within the  QTBIPOC community. This event is created by and intended for folks who are Black, Indigenous, or people of colour and identify within the 2SLGBTQAI+ community.  

Care Team Representation: Frankie Tanafranca (she/her) 

For All Queer Identified Folks

Run time: 90 mins (8pm- 9:30pm) 

Instructor: BHAKTI KIRTAN: Gurnimit Singh (he/him) 

Instructor IG: @queerkirtan  

Class Description: This 90-minute session will be a journey through Pranayama, where you will experience the power of your breath. Awaken the source within through breath-work and prepare to go on a Sound journey through the ancient practice of Kirtan (Chants and Devotional Songs). Allow the frequency of the mantra to vibrate your body and use your body instrument to awaken your true self. This will be a journey to awaken your mind body and soul. This class is reserved for any and all folks who  identify within the 2SLGBTQAI+ community 

Care Team Representation: Dylan Archambault (he/him)

For all Queer Indigenous Identified Folks

Run time: 120 mins (8pm- 10pm) 

Instructor: Malina Dawn Muskegon (they/she) 

Class Description: Join Malina Dawn Muskegon for a drum and sharing circle. This is a space for  Indigenous Queer folks to steep in good medicine through song, story, and sharing.  

Indigenous culture has been so colonized over the generations that queer and two-spirit folks have often not felt welcome in their own communities. Traditional teachings and Indigenous futurism had, and will always have, space for queer and two-spirit people. And not only space but the celebration and honouring of the queer and two-spirit experience as a gift to all.  

Ceremony is an important part of Indigenous culture. A place to share our stories, pray, lift our spirits and honour one another through song and community. In this time together, Malina will share songs and teachings that she has been given by her elders mixed with her embodied experience.  

Bring a Native hand drum if you have one. If you don’t have one, there will be some that can be borrowed. 

Care Team Representation: Savannah Erasmus (she/her)


Join us to celebrate Global Wellness Day on July 12th  with SPIN X DJ X DRAG @ Milton Wong Plaza in Olympic Village. We will be hosting 3 back to back  outdoor spin classes with a full line up of queer instructors, DJ’s, and drag performers. This event is open  to ALL (you must be 16+ to ride). Come celebrate with us! Register as a rider or come spectate and join in  on the fun with our community partners.

Public transport: The following transit lines have routes that pass near CMMN GRND and Milton Wong  Plaza: 10, 14, 4, 50, 84. CMMN GRND is 900 meters away from the Olympic Village Skytrain Station and  1.3 KM from The Main Street- Science World Skytrain Station.  

Parking: There is limited street pay parking available through out Olympic Village. There is also limited  free 2hr parking spots on West 3rd and 4th, blocks up from CMMN GRND. 

Ride Share: In an effort to ‘green our event’ we strongly encourage carpooling or ride share. Anyone  registered for a Vancouver Pride Global Wellness Hub event will be gifted 15 free minutes from EVO car  share.  

ASL interpretation: Please contact us at Accessibility@VancouverPride.ca or 604 687 0955 to request  ASL interpretation of the live music performance. We will do our best to accommodate requests for  interpretation and generally need 2-3 weeks notice 

Water: Flow water is available for purchase at our front desk. Additionally there is a filtered water  station at the CMMN GRND space and a public water fountain located at the far corner of Milton Wong Plaza. We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE bringing a reusable water bottle for any of the Vancouver Pride Global  Wellness events you will be attending. 

Face covering policy: Masks are optional for all Vancouver Pride Global Wellness events. Please consider  your cardio output for higher intensity classes (spin, queer and mighty, bodies beyond the binary).

Payment options: For staff safety, we will not be handling cash in studio. Debit and Visa/Mastercard  payment options will be available. Cash or Credit donations will be accepted for SPIN x DJ x DRAG.

Washrooms/ Showers: CMMN GRND’s washroom, shower, and change room facility is a completely  gender neutral space. There are 3 shower stalls, 2 bathroom stalls, and one accessible stall that has a  shower and toilet. Our other 3 shower stalls have a 6” step up to the shower basin. For SPIN X DJ X DRAG  on Sunday June 12th washrooms can be accessed at Creekside Community Center (1 Athletes Way)  across from Milton Wong Plaza. CMMN GRND studio will be open if you wish to shower after your ride.

Lockers: For all in-studio class you will have complimentary access to a key operated locker. For SPIN X DJ  X DRAG you will be provided a bin by your bike for all your personal belongings and shoes. 

Age Restrictions: At this time anyone under the age of 16 is not permitted. Any person’s under the age  of 18 will have to have a guardian sign our liability waiver. There is no age maximum.

Terrain info: CMMN GRND is a single floor unit with street access right off of 121 West 2nd ave. All  hallways are 6ft in diameter. Our studio doors have a small lip (less than an inch) on the floor for the  purpose of sound proofing which may be a barrier to some folks in wheel chairs. Milton Wong Plaza is an  accessible public space in Olympic Village  

Scent policy: CMMN GRND uses scents to enhance the sensory experience of your yogic practice. We  worked along side Sajé to design an essential oil scent experience in our space that is hypoallergenic and  considerate of most sensitivities. The scents of any and all amenity products are intentionally gender  neutral. If you have any questions please contact info@cmmngrnd.ca 

Senory Sensitivities: Portions of our studio classes may be done in a low light environment to encourage  introspection. For your safety the brightness of our lighting system may be changed through out class.  For higher intensity classes (queer and mighty) lighting effects will be used in the class. Amplified sound  will be used at all events. If you have any questions regarding sensory sensitivities please email  info@cmmngrnd.ca 

Financial Barriers: We have done our best to keep these events as financially accessibly as possible. A  small amount of financial barrier free tickets will be made available for each class. To access these tickets  please contact info@cmmngrnd.ca. SPIN X DJ X DRAG is by donation. 

To register you must first purchase a Vancouver Pride Society credit or SPIN X DJ X DRAG  credit respectively. THEN, book your spot in class on our schedule. You will not have a confirmed reservation unless you complete both steps All in-studio classes are $5.00 to reserve your spot. SPIN X DJ  X DRAG is by donation; donations will be accepted during your registration on the day of the event via cash or card.

Any questions: email info@cmmngrnd.ca 

In the Studio

I want all folks to learn how to love and understand their bodies. Learn that fitness is about healing and growing. I hope to foster all that with a supportive & inclusive community. 

I have always loved to keep a wide variety of movement practices and my movement offerings include most of them. In my class, you can expect a mix of strength training, pilates, and rhythm-driven 

movement. There’s is nothing better in my opinion than to allow yourself to close your eyes while moving your body and just let things flow.

I aim to create a space that helps others feel confident about who they are and how they move both in the gym and in the world. As a trans personal trainer, I have at times allowed myself to overindulge in the gendered expectations that this industry feeds on. Dysphoria no longer rules my mind and body, instead, I choose to focus on euphoria. My goal is to help others lean into their own unique selves… because being beyond the binary is beyond beautiful!

Malina is a queer nehiyaw-ahpihtawikosisān iskwew (Cree Métis woman) who weaves together, the worlds of indigenous wisdom and yogic knowledge. She/They are a drum carrier and song catcher and loves to share ceremony through indigenous traditional and futurism teachings. She is a strong voice for decolonizing wellness by teaching how to use indigenous ways of life appropriately and as medicine for healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Today she/they create healing spaces for in person and online yoga classes, retreats, ceremonies, workshops and trainings all over turtle island. She has spent the last 15 years working with indigenous, non indigenous and LGBTQ2S+ youth. She continues to work with people of all ages and walks of life to guide them to the reclamation of their own culture, identity, body and healing through a strength based trauma informed lens. She is passionate about sharing her culture, building bridges in community, emotional intelligence and honouring the interconnectedness in all of Creation.

Dylan (he/him) is a former competitive figure skater turned major podium hype person. He rides hard for creating body neutral and gender neutral spaces. The co-founder and creative director of CMMN GRND. Dylan is constantly learning and adapting in order to break down barriers with-in the fitness and wellness industry. No matter what, we all carry trauma and we live in a day and age where our bodies are inherently political. Dylan hopes to create space for more sensitivity and grace in your body Dylan identifies as queer man, a femme boy, a creature of love, and a ball of energy.

I want all folks to learn how to love and understand their bodies. Learn that fitness is about healing and growing. I hope to foster all that with a supportive & inclusive community. 

I have always loved to keep a wide variety of movement practices and my movement offerings include most of them. In my class, you can expect a mix of strength training, pilates, and rhythm-driven 

movement. There’s is nothing better in my opinion than to allow yourself to close your eyes while moving your body and just let things flow.

Gurnimit Singh is a trained Indian Classical Vocalist who has been singing and  performing Kirtan since the age of 9 years. His talent was recognised in the Sikh Community in April 2010  where his music and chanting started being celebrated by the community all over the world. Gurnimit 

Singh is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and aspiring to bring awareness around LGBTQI in the south  asian community by creating QUEERKIRTAN to heal together with the wounded. 

Donavyn (he/him) offers a rhythm based spin class that’s fuels you to silence the noise and tune into the beat. An experienced spin instructor and yoga teacher with a passion for building community, he invites you to immerse your mind and body in a meditative ride while allowing the music and sweat to guide you. Having spent his formative years in India, Donavyn hopes to inspire other Queer, BIPOC, and South Asian folx to find their own path to take up space in the fitness and movement community.

On the Stage

The name is Mx. Bukuru. That’s B-U-K-U-R-U and if you don’t know what it means honey, look it up. Mx. Is the church being your momma never wanted you to meet. They are the inaugural winner of Van Slam’s Drag Slam (2019) and runner-up in the Eastside Drag Derby (2019). A member of Diasporic Dynasty, Mx. ascends colonial ideas of religion and will bring you to the sexiest church that ever did exist. Their ass fat, their hips fatter, don’t fucking forget, BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Born and raised on the unceded, ancestral lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, Shanique works passionately to carve out safer community spaces for marginalized folks to connect, create, and celebrate in. Shanique, also known as DJ Softieshan, is known her upbeat sets and all around radiant vibes. Shanique is the founder of LEVEL UP, Vancouver’s only QTBIPOC-centred hip hop dance part and has DJ’d all over Vancouver, with residencies at The Fox Cabaret, and East Side Studios. Shanique has opened for artists such as, Leikeli47, CupcakkKe and Junglepussy and has played to crowds of thousands, most notably at the 2019 Breakout Music Festival, with headliner ASAP Rocky and at Lululemon’s 2019 Sunset Festival, as opener for headliner Kaskade.

P.M. is Vancouver’s non-binary dancing drag bimbo. Mixing both their contemporary-ballet background and off-beat style, P.M’s goal is to continually bend gender and sexuality. They are 1/4 of The Darlings drag collective ;a multi-disclipliary non-binary drag quartet. They also host many events in Vancouver such as Late Night Snack and The Larry & Pum Pum show!

Vixen Von Flex is a drag performer and DJ with deep roots in circus arts as well as Burlesque. Dazzling stages from coast to coast, they will leave you jaw dropped with their sparkling costumes and contorted body. Get ready as they bend and twist their way right into your hearts.

REALBOY is a QT BIPOC east van made DJ playing high octane r&b, hiphop and dance favourites. Who doesn’t love a libra in charge of the aux cord?