A Guide to Safe Partying

We love a good party! Sometimes things can get a little wild and that’s okay. But when partying, it is important to stay safe and follow some guidelines to protect yourself. That’s why we wanted to create a short guide on some ways you can party safely this Pride season.

Drink Water!

A good rule of thumb to remember is to drink one glass of water for each alcoholic beverage you have. If you are using other substances, these may also dehydrate you so remember. Hydration is the key to success.

Don’t drink and drive and don’t drive high!

If you are planning to drink at a Pride event such as one of our Pride Lounges for example, please plan your trip home. Instead of hopping into a car, rely on Translink to get you home safely.

Test your drugs!

Get your drugs tested at a drug checking station such as getyourdrugstested.com at 880 East Hastings Street and check their alerts by visiting getyourdrugstested.com/alerts or texting “alert” to 236.999.3673.

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Buddy up!

Queers gotta stick together! If you know you will be coming home late, ask a friend if they want to stay over or pre-plan your way home. In addition to taking Translink instead of driving when you’ve consumed any substances, ensure you are not going home alone and buddy up with one of your friends.

Take Translink!

We know we’ve mentioned it a couple of times but we cannot say it enough. Take 👏 Translink 👏 home! 👏 We do not want you driving when you’ve consumed alcohol, marijuana or any other substances.

Carry Naloxone!

Naloxone is available in any BC Pharmacy and the best thing about it is that it is free and can save a person’s life. If you are interested in learning more visit Toward the Heart.

Safe Sex!

Be sure to pick up some safe sex supplies before you go out. You can find free options at the Bute Street or Little Sister’s carries all you need for safer sex such as Durex condoms, dental dams, gloves, lube, etc.

Sun Protection!

Sometimes the sun is not your friend. Be sure to use sunscreen and carry sun protection such as a hat or find a tree to be your friend and saviour with some cooling shade.