Nima Apparel, A Queer Owned Small Business Serving Our Essential Workers

For our small business features, we are uplifting local, small and queer owned businesses who continue to serve our community. It’s important to center community care. Return the care that the businesses give to us, by supporting them however we can! This week, we’re featuring Nima Apparel, a store founded by queers for healthcare workers.
What does #ChooseYourPride mean to you?
The community is not a monolith, it is beautiful and diverse. While members of the community celebrate pride differently, the common thread that weaves all of the celebrations together is that we can be who we are and love who we love; we can exist and feel safe.

How does your business care for our community in the pandemic?
During the pandemic we really focused on supporting other small, local businesses first and foremost. We would also share resources for others to be able to find and support the community. Additionally, we made donations to local organizations that help support the community.
What has your small business done to provide safe spaces for the LGBTQIA2S+ community?
I was nervous about sharing our full story on our website, explicitly saying that we’re two married women, but we decided to go forward with it. Even though it was scary at first, we knew that by being open and sharing who we are we would create a safe place for other LGBTQIA2S+ members too. They would know that they are welcome here. It’s a space where we can all be exactly who we are.
What has the LGBTQIA2S+ community done for you?
Since launching, we’ve had members of the LGBTQIA2S+ community email or message us saying they are so happy that they found Nima Apparel and that they are excited to be able to support the business. That has been so heartwarming and meaningful.
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