Five Great Books by Trans Authors

Looking for books to read over the holidays by trans authors? Check out this list from Vancouver’s only LGBTQ2IA+ library, Out On The Sheolves!


Dreadnought (Nemesis Book 1)


By April Daniels

Danny Tozer is a transgender teen losing hope in the shadow of her family’s abuse. When the strongest superhero dies and passes his mantle to her, giving her flight, super strength, and the body she’s always wanted, things are looking up. Now she just has to navigate her new life as a super-powered super-girl.


April Daniels is a transgender woman who used her being fired for that as an opportunity to write books for transgender teens everywhere.




By Alex Gino

George knows she’s a girl, but doesn’t know how to tell everyone else. When her class picks Charlotte’s Web as their spring play, George knows she was meant to be Charlotte. Is this how she can finally show the world her true self?

Alex Gino is a transgender LGBTQ+ activist and proud member of We Need Diverse Books. Their website is at http://www.alexgino.com/



From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea



Written By Kai Cheng Thom And Illustrated By Wai-Yant Li And Kai Yun Ching

Miu Lan is a magical child, born with the ability to change their shape into anything imaginable. When they go off to kindergarten the other children insist Miu Lan has to pick: boy or girl? Miu Lan’s knows though, that no matter who or what they chooses to be, their mother will always love them.


Kai Cheng Thom is a Chinese Canadian transgender woman and is the author of a place called No Homeland and Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: A Dangerous Trans Girl’s Confabulous Memoir. Wai-Yant Li is a ceramicist who helps organize Qouleur, Montreal’s annual QTBIPOC festival. Kai Yun Ching is an educator, and they have edited and published works written by children, for children.

A Queer and Pleasant Danger

By Kate Bornstein

A stunningly original memoir of a nice Jewish boy who joined the Church of Scientology and left twelve years later, ultimately transitioning to a woman. A few years later, she stopped calling herself a woman and became famous as a gender outlaw. Kate Bornstein sets to change lives with her compelling memoir, encompassing her early childhood and adolescence, college at Brown, a life in the theater, three marriages and fatherhood, the Scientology hierarchy, transsexual life, LGBTQ politics, and life on the road as a sought-after speaker.


Kate Bornstein is a gender theorist, performance artist, author and a famous a gender outlaw. Kate’s website is http://katebornstein.com/ where you can find books, lectures, performances and much more.


Stone Butch Blues

By Leslie Feinberg

Rooted in Feinberg’s experiences in lesbian, trans, and activist communities, this novel breaks down barriers between genres and identities in the story of Jess Goldberg. In a raw expression of queer history and futurity, Jess navigates self-expression, love, survival and belonging in 1970s American working class.


Leslie Feinberg identified as an anti-racist white, working-class, secular Jewish, transgender, lesbian, female, revolutionary communist. Zie/she was the first theorist to advance a Marxist concept of “transgender liberation.” To learn more about hir life and legacy, see: lesliefeinberg.net

All these trans books and many more can be found at Vancouver’s only LGBTQ2IA+ library, Out On The Shelves!