CMMN GRND Accepts You As You Are

Social wellness, body neutrality, and gender neutrality. CMMN GRND is a fitness and social wellness collective and the safe space equity seeking groups deserve. We sat down with Dylan from CMMN GRND to discuss #ChooseYourPride and what community care means to them.

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What does #ChooseYourPride mean to you?

To me, #ChooseYourPride, means that queerness is far from a homogenized experience. The magic of living outside of traditional narratives means that you get to design your own. #ChooseYourPride means chosen family. #ChooseYourPride means radical self expression. #ChooseYourPride means looking at the world and saying, ‘hey, maybe we can do things a little differently’

How does your business care for our community in the pandemic?

Throughout the pandemic, the safety of our community has always been our top priority. We have continued to offer both in-studio (when permitted by the BC government) and livestream classes because we know that movement is a crucial part of maintaining one’s mental health.

What has your small business done to provide safe spaces for the LGBTQIA2S+ community?

We had our community in mind from the very beginning inception of our space. We are for the human experience in all of its forms and all of its expressions. Where you are not defined by others, but rather are defined by self and as a community our only responsibility is to radically accept you as you are. We designed a space that is completely body neutral and gender neutral (including our lockers and change rooms). We hire trauma informed instructors and diversity, equity, and inclusion training is offered to all our staff. We have always firmly believed that there is tremendous responsibility in the language we use as a tool in fitness and wellness. As Ocean Vuong says, “you have to articulate the world you want to live in first.” The language that we use in all of our classes is gender neutral, choice based, and fuelled by curiosity and inquisition rather than demand.

What has the LGBTQIA2S+ community done for you?

We have such a robust and beautiful collection of folx who come into the doors of CMMN GRND every week. We have been so lucky to have a community of people band together around us after this last round of business closures. We honestly were not sure if we would be able to survive after a rocky start to our first year of business. As a business in our first year there was lots of government funding we could not get because we weren’t able to show a loss in revenue from the year before. Our community showed up for us by buying merch, purchasing class packages for when we were able to reopen, and donating to keep us afloat. We are forever grateful for this little community that seems to grow day after day.