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Michelle stands against a white wall and smiles at the camera. She has short grey hair, and is wearing a dark blue t-shirt with a light purple Vancouver Pride logo on it.

Family, community, social justice, travel and fun.

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Michelle Fortin

As a queer woman living in Vancouver I am honoured to have the opportunity to be part of this renewed Pride board. I have been involved in community activism most of my life and bring a background of both board (Dyke March/CCEC Credit Union) and non-profit executive management to the position. My goal is to stay curious while being strategic in the role and I’m committed to supporting staff and the organization to be a stronger reflection of our incredible and diverse community. Thank you for the chance to serve.


Abdollah stands against a wooden fence and stares that the camera. He is wearing a dark blue t-shirt with the Vancouver Pride logo on it in light purple.

As a newcomer, coming from human resource management background, I decided to fit myself into the society by being actively engaged in the LGBTQ2s+ community and involved in different activities, including voluntary work at local community and organizations.

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Abdollah Fooladkhai

Being elected as a new board member at Vancouver Pride Society, will not only open new doors to new opportunities for me (for which I will always be grateful) but will also be a platform through which I can demonstrate and practice my leadership skills, contributing to my community both responsibly and ethically.

I also would like to express my appreciation for the opportunities that I was given in the United Arab Emirates, which truly equipped me with necessary skills for my new role.

Back then, I was fortunate enough to gain hands-on experiences and improve on my knowledge, skills and abilities in different areas. I owe this all to the culturally diversified environment of the UAE and considerable level of tolerance among the people of the country, which taught me life lessons of openness, kindness and importance of giving back.

John stands in front of a pink flower bush and stares at the camera. He has short grey hair, and his armsare by his side. He is wearing a dark blue t-shirt with a purple Vancouver Pride logo on it

John joined the Board in 2016 and is excited to take on the Secretary role. He will also lead the Governance Committee which is reviewing business management strategies and processes.

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John Whistler

Passions he brings to the Board include building sustainable urban environments, social equity, social justice, and grass-roots community engagement.

John is a third generation Vancouverite, graduated in Business Administration at Simon Fraser University and is now retired. He is also a director of PEDAL which operates Our Community Bikes, is the Treasurer of Green Party of Vancouver and the Vancouver Centre Green Party Electoral District Association. John’s favorite activity is to explore the world by bicycle.


A dynamic performer and inspirational speaker, Orene incorporates the
teachings she has learned into everything she does.


Orene Askew

Orene Askew, also known as DJ O Show, is a passionate and energetic DJ and inspirational speaker. She is the recipient of a 2015 Indigenous Business Award and
2018 Stand Out Award from the Vancouver Pride Society.

O Show is Afro-Indigenous and a proud member of the Squamish Nation, as well as an elected member of the Squamish Nation Council.


As an experienced journalist, community organizer and human rights activist, Masa brings passion and drive to the work that she does.

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Masa Kateb

Masa Kateb is the Manager of Projects at the refugee-led non-profit Jumpstart Refugee Talent, where she assists resettled refugees fulfill their potentials in Canada’s economy and find meaningful work that complements their professional skills. At the Canadian Council for Refugees, she is a Steering Committee Member of the Overseas Protection and Resettlement Working Group. Kateb started her career in the areas of marketing and journalism, serving as Senior Regional Marketing Executive for Hertz in Dubai, looking after the Middle East and Africa region, volunteering for the United World Colleges international boarding schools movement, and working as a journalist for the Syria-based Baladna Newspaper. Masa is also a member of the Canadian National Committee at the National LGBTQ+ Guideline Development Project. In her spare moments, she pursues her passions in community organizing for human rights, and as a traditional Syrian storyteller or Hakawatieh. Kateb earned a Bachelor’s in Economics from Damascus University and is a Board Director at the Playwrights Theatre Centre in Vancouver.

Masa is an activist at heart, living with the purpose of wanting to inspire the world to become a better place, one soul at a time.

With years of experience working in the non-profit sector and with marginalized groups, Claire has extensive knowledge and experience that they bring to all work that they do.

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Claire Ens

Claire has worked in the non-profit sector for their entire career, focusing mainly on homeless, street-entrenched, mental health and substance-affected youth, women and families.

Through her work and involvement with various organizations including the WISH Drop-In Center Society, Fraser Valley Youth Society, and being the President of the Vancouver Dyke March, Claire has gained invaluable experience and knowledge. They practice anti-oppression, trauma-informed and harm-reduction philosophies in all work that she does.


Become a Board Member

Are you interested in running for a position on the Vancouver Pride Society Board of Directors?

Serving as a volunteer Board Member can be a rewarding and fun experience where you can meet a variety of interesting people.

The Board of Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in the late fall, though sometimes Directors may be appointed mid year if there is a vacancy. The VPS Bylaws require a member to be a member for at least 60 days before they can be a Director and to complete a nomination application.

People that are interested in becoming a Board Member should review the Board Terms of Reference and review the VPS Bylaws, prior year Financial Statements and Annual Report on the VPS Public Disclosures and Policies page. We also encourage potential Board Members to attend a few Board meetings in advance to gain a better understanding of the board culture and operations to ensure there is a good fit.

VPS accepts applications to join the Board of Directors at anytime of the year, because the process will often take a number of months. This is also part of a succession strategy to ensure there is board diversity and that the directors have a comprehensive set of legal, financial, personnel management and governance skills.

If you are interested please send an email request for the “Board Nomination and Declaration of Eligibility Form” to nominations@vancouverpride.ca to begin the application process.