About Us


Our Commitment

We have two guiding principles behind accessibility and inclusion at Vancouver Pride.

Each and every one of us has access needs – but only some of our access needs are met by society and the physical spaces we are in.

Disabled people belong at Pride, belong in LGBTQAI2S+ communities and spaces, and are an integral part of these spaces.

We acknowledge that we have not always met these standards. We are committed to building accessibility into all stages of our event planning, consulting with people with lived experience and organizations, and putting financial and other resources behind accessibility to ensure more people are not just able to attend our events, perform on our stages, work in our office, serve on our board and volunteer with our organization – but are welcomed, celebrated and belong.

For more information on accessibility at specific events please see our Festival Accessibility page. 


Over the last few years we have been working to increase access at Vancouver Pride. This includes:

  • Partnering with Translink to provide free shuttles to the Pride Parade Viewing Area
  • Moving and increasing the seating capacity of the Pride Parade Viewing Area. The new area provides a better view of the Pride Parade, and is adjacent to the Sunset Beach Festival so folks can enjoy the festival after the Pride Parade. The new area has space to grow in size, has more parking and is closer to transit.
  • Introducing Sensory Friendly Areas at our larger events for folks to take a break from crowds, use noise cancelling headphones, stim toys and fidgets. We are working at having Sensory Friendly Areas at all of our events.
  • Making our film screenings and indoor shows Relaxed Screenings.